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What will I need to train with the team and how much will it cost?

  • You will need a swim suit (anywhere from $25-$80). We usually order team suits in the Fall quarter.
  • Goggles ($20).
  • Swim cap ($5) usually only necessary if you have long hair, and we normally get them for free at races.
  • Running shoes ($90).
  • A road or triathlon bike. If you’re new to the team, you get a bike loaned to you for a year for free! After that, you’ll want to invest in your own. However, the team has a really good deal with our sponsor, Specialized, for all members, and we order at the end of Fall quarter.

How much are team dues?

  • $385. But the team experience = PRICELESS.

How do I pay team dues?

  • BARC or check

Can I pay dues by quarter?

  • No. But you will have a 2-week grace period to try out the team before committing.

When are practices?

  • Check out the "Training Schedule" tab. We have practice everyday of the week. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we have swim practice at 6:45 am. On Tuesdays we have a ride at 7:00 am, and on Thursdays we have a run at 7:00 am. Weekend sessions are usually bikes, runs, or bike-runs and are usually at 8:00 am.

Do I have to go to practice every day?

  • Because we are a club sport team (not varsity), you technically are not required to come to any practices.  It is not required that you go to all or even any practices. However, soon enough all your best friends will be on the team and you’ll want to go to all of them anyway.

Who can join the team?

  • EVERYONE! Undergrads! Grads! Faculty members! SBCC students!

How long is a triathlon?

  • There is a range of standard distances in triathlon from sprint to Ironman. An Ironman is a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile run - we DO NOT do those (unless you want to of course). In collegiate competition, we race at the sprint and Olympic distances. A sprint distance triathlon is roughly a 750-meter swim, 12-mile bike, and a 3-mile run. The Olympic Distance triathlon is 1.5 kilometers, 40 kilometers, and 10 kilometers, or roughly 1 mile, 25 miles, and 6 miles for the respective legs of the race.

When is the race season?

  • Our official season is from October to late April. We race at events hosted by other colleges in the conference from Stanford to Irvine and San Diego. We host our own race and we go to Collegiate National Championships. We also have an unofficial summer season with some longer races (Santa Barbara Triathlon, Half Ironmans, etc). And we use running races and other events as fun training, tune-ups, and grudge matches with the Santa Barbara Triathlon Club!

Do I need to go to every race?

  • Again, because we are not a varsity sport, you can pick and choose what races you go to. In fact, you don’t have to go to any. Races are fun though, and they’re fantastic team bonding experiences.

What do people eat before practice?

  • This varies from person to person. However, common items include bananas, apples, granola bars, cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter with any of the above, peanut butter by itself, etc. Usually something small and easy on the stomach.

I don’t have a bike, can I still join?

  • Indubitably! There are team bikes for loan. We also have training for newcomers with out bikes on the stationary bikes in the Rec Cen.

I don’t know how to swim, can I still join?

  • Yes! Everyone starts somewhere… We have clinics for stroke technique, flip turns, even open water swimming. Training is modified as needed for the individual. Some of our fastest athletes could barely swim a length of the pool at the beginning of the season!

I am a recent grad, can I still train with the team?

  • Yes! If you’re visiting you are welcome to join us as a guest, if you wish to be an ongoing member of the team there is a special team rate for you!

Do I have to wear a speedo for swimming?

  • No. But you will look much cooler and get way better tan lines. Go for the GOLD.

Can I wear a speedo for cycling and running?


What if I just want to swim (run, cycle…)?

  • Sure! Like we mentioned above, you can come to as much practice as you want, and you can choose which ones you want to come to!

I’m afraid to swim in the ocean because I’ve heard that there are (pick one: sharks, killer jellyfish, man-eating shrieking eels, etc.), can I still join the team?

  • You just have to be faster than the person next to you.

Can I do triathlon as a relay?

  • Absolutely, relays are another way to participate and be a part of the team without having to race all three disciplines.

I’m here for one year from _______(Norway, Mexico, France, etc…) can I still join the team?

  • Yes! It’s a great way to see Santa Barbara and other universities and towns. Plus, it’s a super fun social group with team dinners, celebrations, camping trips, etc. Each year, the team enjoys the company of several visiting international students who add to the diversity and culture of our team. You will find a close-knit community on our team and we'd love to have you!

Can I get a scholarship for triathlon?

  • Unfortunately, since triathlon is not a varsity sport, there are no scholarships or extra financial aid available.

How does the whole team sponsorship thing work?

  • We have a sponsorship coordinator who negotiates team deals through companies such as Specialized and Blueseventy, as well as local businesses like VeloPro Cyclery, that generously support our team. You will receive deals on training equipment and races that make up some or all of the cost of your team dues.

Does the team do anything besides train?

  • Everything…seriously! We study together, eat together, and even travel together.

Is there really a triathlon house, and how can I live there?

  • Yes. We have one established tri-house, known as Tri House Alpha and commonly referred to as “Alpha”. However, many of our triathletes end up living with each other in Isla Vista and throughout the Santa Barbara area, even if they don’t end up making an official “tri house”.

Can I train with the team and not race?

  • Of course. But if you’re fast we’ll make you race. (just kidding…but we’re serious).

There’s no way I can get up for 6:30 am practices, can I still join?

  • If you live in a tri-house your team mates will bang on your door, call you names and berate you until you give in, get up, and go to practice. And, if you have morning class or work, plenty of people use the team google group to meet up and do the session later in the day.

I don't have time for all the training, can I still be on the team?

  • Yes. Do what you can, and be in communication with Coach Matt!

Do you race/train in the summer?

  • Yes and yes. Triathlon is an endurance sport requiring consistent training. Our best athletes train year-round.

I want to do a Half Ironman, Marathon, or Ironman, can I still be on the team?

  • Yes to all of the above, just be sure talk about it with Coach Matt.

I'm trying to decide between the cycling team and the triathlon team. Which should I pick?

  • Either one is cool - not! Choose the triathlon team! ;)

I was thinking of joining masters swimming, which should I choose?

  • Um... let's see... coolest team in the world... or... a bunch of short course swimmers... hmmm.

What can I do to join the team?

  • Email. Come to a meeting. Show up at practice. Talk to team members. You can join the team at any time.

Why should I join the team?

  • We brought sexy back!