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Meet the Coach

Matt Ison


I have been participating in endurance sports since I first started running in middle school.  While pursuing both cycling and running during my time at Baylor University, I founded the Baylor Triathlon Club and was president for two years after.  During that same time I coached and led many workouts for the team, and officially became the Head Coach in 2011.

After college I chased the dream of being a professional triathlete.  The next 5 years were spent traveling, sleeping on floors, getting world class coaching, and racing the best in the world.  During those 5 years I accumulated a wealth of experience that I now use in my own coaching, everything from physiology to workout structure, nutrition, mental toughness, and racing tactics.  

The basis of UCSB's training is built around balance.  I believe, and have seen first hand, that the most successful athletes are also the most passionate ones.  Consistent dedication and enjoyment in the sport yield the highest results.  Our training is built around making the sure the athletes always look forward to coming to practice knowing that they will be working hard, making improvements, and having a good time with the team. More specifically, we incorporate all ability levels into each practice.  No matter how experienced you are in any of the sports, there's a place on this team for you to improve and build life long friendships along the way.  

In addition to coaching the UCSB Team, I also work one-one with many age group athletes through Carmichael Training Systems.